The Dayazell musicians offer us a rich concoction of music inspired by the medieval world. From Arab-Andalusian Spain to Sweden, with a little detour through Italy and Armenia through to Mongolia, Dayazell take you on a very special voyage to some little-known horizons of early music.

Armutan Company

Silver Medal winner “Medieval Music”. Pontoise, 2012

24 > 29 August



Vagarem is a trio who passionately dust of ancient European sheet music. Alternating between festive music and a cappella polyphonic singing, they will ensure the wonderment of the audience with their harmonious medieval brew!

Vagarem company
1st prize ”Medieval Music” Pontoise, 2010.

4 > 9 August
16 > 21 August


A la via ! (La Petite Flambe)

La Petite Flambe have been transporting young and old to the heart of the Middle Ages for over 20 years. These troubadours band together their talents, their many instruments (oboe, bagpipes, drums…), and their large repertoire for the delight of the audience. Time travel is possible after all!

La Petite Flambe Company

6 > 10 July
29 July > 3 August
12 > 15 August



The Pescaluna troop travel high and low to share Medieval music and dance. Based in the south-west of France and steeped in traditional local culture, they are passionate about Medieval and Renaissance music. You’ll hear the sounds of the oboe, shawm, bagpipe, recorder, psalterium, lute, oud, portative organ and various percussion instruments. Soon your feet will be moving, so don’t be shy…let the Dance Master lead you into the ring!

Pescaluna Company

1 > 5 July
13 > 15 July
20 > 22 July
27 and 28 July
10 and 11 August
22 and 23 August


Les Aboyeurs

Here come the town criers!  This interactive and dynamic show with its energetic and rhythmic music is sure to get you in a festive mood. Bagpipes and drums join juggling balls, clubs, devil sticks, and other diabolos… a festive feast for the eyes and ears!

Les Aboyeurs Company

11 and 12 July
16 and 17 July
23 > 26 July
30 and 31 August



These wandering jugglers are making a stop in the City of Carcassonne! «Corazon» put on a joyful show combining juggling and festive music. Drawing on their many influences (From Brittany to Northern Africa via Eastern Europe…), it’s a colourful musical treat with Medieval music, traditional pieces, and Corazon’s own compositions. A troop with a big heart!

La Muse Company

18 and 19 July