ARMUTAN Theatre Company, E.T.C. and the National Monuments Centre present

The Guardians of the City

Carcassonne needs you !




« THE GUARDIANS OF THE CITY» is an immersive concept - a time bubble in which the spectators can lose themselves.

It’s the late 14th Century, and Captaine Armaury de Beaufort is greeting his new recruits who want to join the guardians of the city.

The children can discover Garrison Life (military equipment, hygiene, leisure…) before going to get some sword fighting and archery lessons. They can also find out about how people ate in the Middle-Ages, watch craftspeople at work, and have a go at some table games…

All the workshops will take place every day on a continual basis. The participative workshops allow the little ones to take a fun and lively leap into history, while the theory workshops offer an insightful look into life in the Middle-Ages.

There will also be 3 shows and 3 concerts every day (the same three times). Diverse theatre companies and musicians will be performing, each bringing their various influences and diversifying the festival to offer you many different highlights over the summer, in a family atmosphere.

The camp will be open every day from 10:30am till 6:30pm from July 1st till August 31st.



En raison des contraintes liées au contexte sanitaire, « Les Gardiens de la Cité » sont au regret de devoir lever le camp du château comtal dès ce 20 juillet.
Forts de l’enthousiasme exprimé par leur public et de la confiance du Centre des Monuments Nationaux, « Les Gardiens de la Cité » préparent d’ores et déjà de prochaines aventures médiévales au pied des remparts!


Debido al contexto sanitario, “Los Guardianes de la Ciudad” lamentan tener que levantar el campamento del castillo del Condal à partir del 20 de julio.
¡Alentados por el entusiasmo expresado por su público y el apoyo del Centro de los Monumentos Nacionales, "Los Guardianes de la Ciudad" ya están preparando las próximas aventuras medievales al pie de las murallas!


Due to the sanitary context and its restrictions, "Les Gardiens de la Cité" regretfully have to lift the camp of the Château Comtal (count’s castle) as from July 20th.
Encouraged by the enthusiasm expressed by their audience and the support received by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, "Les Gardiens de la Cité" are already preparing for future medieval adventures at the foot of the ramparts!