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You shall not pass !

Pierre de Mornay, seneschal (head servant) of the City of Carcassonne, is impatiently awaiting the arrival of a well-known troubadour who’s going to tell him The Legend of Lady Carcas! Alas, the total incompetence of Galéran the soldier rather messes up the seneschal’s plans!

Armutan Company
1st prize Historical Sword-fighting. Fous d’Histoire, 2018.

25 and 26 July
17 > 22 August
26 > 31 August

Exclusively in french

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Grand Master Yan, the two-bit juggler

Grand Master Yan is without a doubt the greatest juggler of all time (and not of autumn as his assistant would have us believe). To prove it, he won’t just juggle with one ball – far too easy! He won’t just juggle with two balls… too easy!
He’ll juggle with…
No actually he really will juggle with two balls.
As his loyal assistant says; it’s a two-bit juggling act!

Armutan Company
A very interactive and splendidly slapstick show for children

4 > 6 July
19 > 24 July
27 July > 1 August
5 > 10 August

Exclusively in french


The War Merchants

In their well-stocked cart, these funny weapons dealers try their best to sell their wares. Giving you the low-down on certain 14th Century weapons with their quirky presentations and then trying to sell off their stock of Saint relics and other knickknacks, they offer us a mirthful peek at the adoration of the remains of Saints in the Middle Ages!

Belli Mercator Company.
Silver Medal Winner Military Arts, Fous d’Histoire 2013.

1 > 3 July
7 July
13 > 18 July
2 > 4 August
23 > 25 August

Exclusively in french


The Tumblers’ Wagon

As soon as the wagon opens up, we are met with quite a scene; three jugglers bending themselves backwards to keep up with each other…only they’re not entirely sure who they’re supposed to be keeping up with!

The show they put on for us is made with an abundance of love and a good dash of clumsiness. The hullabaloo of music and antics acts as a pedestal for some string puppets (including an acrobat, a juggler, and a fire-eater) who have more than one trick up their sleeve!

Ambraluna Company

11 > 16 August

Exclusively in french